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    Bag cutting stitching Machine 

    All Induction Motors are Simmens Made

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About Us


Our mission is to innovate and integrate the best of the team with the most sophisticated technology to serve the world, the very best range of machinery.
Our machine technolgy has state of the art edge and full service support from experinced team of technocrats.
Currently we have product range of BCS(Bag Cutting And Stitching Machine),PCM(paper Pattern Cutting Machine),and FFS(Form Feal Seal machine). We provide world class technology machinery with the price range sufficing the indian economy.
OM MACHINE SOLLUTION is a renowned manufacture of BCS,PCM and FFS. OMS is driven byinnovative and ambitious young team which is immersed in designing machninery with world class technology and with the price range sufficing the indian economy.
OM MACHINE SOLLUTION is working under the inspiring guidence of Mr. Sanket Patel who lead our designing team and makes the technology feasible for the customers in very moderately easy way. Our Company's main focus is to provide world class machinery suitable for rising economy of india. our machinery comes with high quality and at a comparative budget when compared t our competition in the market.


ISO 9001:2008

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Our Product

Plastic Machine


Bag Cutting Stitching


Fabric Cutting Machine

Paper Cutting Machine


Paper sheet Cutting

Web lining Station

Machine is equipped with pneumatic lifting sytem to load/unload woven fabric roll with easy to use, power free pneumatic switch where external lifting device is not required. webliner unit supplied with machine takes care of edge position of fabric to maintain inline position of fabric's edge from unwiding to transfer unit.This unit moves on maintance free for nos linear movers.

Unwinding and fabric reserving station

This is continuously unwind the fabric and maintain reserve length of fabric for next cut lenght and feed to cutting unit with uniform tension.

Cutting Unit

The Machine Consist of two type of cutting equipment. One is hot cutting equipment for unlaminated fabric with mouth opening devices for easier opening leading eadge of cut length.

Stack conveyer

Discharge bag is finally stacked as per batch input on this unit and as batch completes its carries out from stacking.

Cut length delivery unit

This unit contains four line of clipping assembly driven by servo system to deliver cutlength fabric at target point for next operation.

Discharge unit

This Unit Consist thread cutter and rope conveyer. Where thread cutter despreate bags and rope discharge finish product on stacking conveyer.

Folding and sewing unit

This unit consist of riding conveyers pressure assembly and folding device where bottom edge of cut length fabric is folded.this folded edge then passes through stitching m/c where single/double stitch on fold.

Our Strength


Technical Specification

  • Width of unwinding fabric roll300 to 850 mm
  • Diameter of fabric roll(max)1300 mm
  • Internal diameter of core70 to 115mm
  • Replacement of fabric rollPneumatic system
  • Cutting lenth 500 to 1350 mm
  • Bottom Folding Width20-30 mm (adjustable) for single fold
  • Stitching typeSingle stitch/Double stitch
  • Stitching range4.0-9.0 mm
  • Production Speedup to 45 bags/minute